As a condition of membership in the Association of the Florida Auto Dismantlers and Recyclers Association, Butler’s Auto Recycling proudly adheres to the following code of ethics:

1. Butler’s Auto Recycling promotes the conservation of energy and the total utilization of our resources, both natural and manufactured.

2. Butler’s Auto Recycling determines, within all practical limits, the quality and condition of each automotive part offered for direct recycling and to represent same accurately.

3. Butler’s Auto Recycling accepts the social responsibility for good community relations, improved environment, integration of minority personnel into the industry, and for assisting local charitable and civic organizations.

4. Butler’s Auto Recycling promises to be compatible business neighbors.

5. Butler’s Auto Recycling maintains a clean and non-polluted environment in our places of business.

6. Butler’s Auto Recycling operates according to the ordinances, statutes, and laws of the local jurisdiction.

7. Butler’s Auto Recycling will not reduce a re-useable automotive part to scrap as long as we believe there remains a reasonable potential of saving the energy it represents by negating the need to manufacture a similar replacement part.

8. Butler’s Auto Recycling provides the best possible product at the lowest possible cost.

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